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Flatshare portal Collectif 1+kk
Rent 10 500 CZK Rent 13 200 CZK Rent 16 700 CZK
Lease length Min. 6 months Lease length Flexible Lease length Min. 12 months
Bills 2500 CZK + contract + liability Bills Included Bills 4500 CZK + contract + liability
Insurance Individual quotes Insurance Included Insurance Individual quotes
Appliances 1800 CZK Appliances Included Appliances 1800 CZK
Cleaning 600 CZK Cleaning Included Cleaning 600 CZK
Agency commission To be paid Agency commission No commision Agency commission 16 500 CZK
Move-in service None Move-in service Collectif move-in service Move-in service None
Total 16 300 CZK Total 13 200 CZK Total 40 100 CZK

Welcome to Collectif

Why Collectif?

Modern, care-free and affordable living 

1. Private rooms

Spacious and furnished rooms in a modern style with a comfy bed a work table and ambient lighting is our standard.

2. Furnished apartments

Live in comfort with flexibility. We take care of all furnishing and so you can forget about the hassle of  buying furniture. Moving should be as easy as online shopping.

3. Standardised lease contracts

When you turn to us, you have the certainty of standardised, transparent and fair lease agreement same for all our properties .No catches or small prints!


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions

More FAQs

What is included in my rent ?

Expect a fully furnished flat, ready to move in. The rent covers, all bills, weekly cleaning, monthly rent, the flat equipment and appliances, lightning-fast internet connection. Simply, you don’t have to spend a single cent more to live comfortably, no unexpected costs or expenses to cover maintenance of your flat. This is living of the past.  

Can I have friends visit?

Of course, visits are welcome. We only ask you how long you plan to have your friends over. Also we seek approval of your co-tenants to avoid conflicts and bad karma. 

What is the vetting procedure like?

We consider the criminal record, references from past landlords and lastly we get to know eachother in a short meeting to make sure we are a match!



What fees do I pay ?

We love simplicity and efficiency, that’s why before moving in you only pay the first and last membership fee amounting to 1800 CZK. This covers all necessary that we need to secure your move-in seamlessly. After that no fees, nobody likes fees, right? 

What will my flatmates be like?

All future members of our community are interviewed and to understand if they wish to build out our community. We look to the criminal past, referrals from previous landlords and conduct an interview. Our founding principal is; easy living and comfort for us all. Should you, however, be unhappy about your flat and your flatmates we guarantee to relocate you to a different flat where you will be happier. 

Are you ready for a new home?

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