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Do you own an apartment, portfolio of flats or a house and look for a professional property manager? At Collectif we provide next-generation residential property management.

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Next-generation property management

Tailored property management
  •  Day-to-day technical property maintenance
  • Weekly cleaning of your property
  • Quarterly report about the performance of your property
Maximum occupancy
  • Rent optimization in real time
  • Quick property lease-up through digital tools (3D viewings, online lease agreements, cashless rent)
  • Targeted tenant onboarding process


Verified tenants
  • Verified leasing history of our tentnats
  • Criminal background check of our tenants
  • High retention rate of tenants due to outstanding housing services

Working with Collectif

1. Introduction to Collectif
We will present you with our property management plan and you will show us your property. Our team will explain the advantages of co-living and guide you through the rental process from lease signing to monthly rent transfer to your bank account.
2. Offer from Collectif
We will present you with an offer of cooperation. You will receive proposed leased agreement terms, conditions, and expected duration. Collectif will provide you with a tailor-made property management plan.
3. Lease agreement
We will sign a lease agreement & our team at Collectif will list your property and take care of the entire rental process. You will receive your monthly rent from Collectif.
4. Value creation
At Collectif, we build long-term relations with property owners. We increase the value of your property by high-quality property management and unlock the hidden rental potential of your residential property.
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Frequently asked questions

Why work with Collectif?
  • At Collectif, we make living pleasure for all stakeholders.
  • Our tenants can expect a modern approach, high-quality tenant services, leaving behind typical issues of unmanaged rental living.
  • At Collectif, we are setting a new standard in the realm of rental living. Through permanent and meticulous creation of value at the property level and on the tenant side, we are providing landlords with the potential of long-term real estate value appreciation.
  • How? Our ability to utilize the leasable space make your properties more efficient from the economic perspective and more ergonomic for our tenants. Our goal is long-term value creation. We are not a real estate agency, but a specialist residential operator for the 21st century.
Who is the typical tenant at Collectif?

Collectif means community of tenants, where trust is a number one value. We screen tenant’s criminal past, take into account references from former landlords and most importantly, we conduct an interview to find out if Collectif and our new tenant make a fit for the future.

How quickly is my property occupied?

Commonly, your property is occupied within a month. It depends on the size of your property and its current state. Our goal is to prepare a tailored business plan for your property to match your expectations and generate lasting value.

Will my property remain in a perfect state?

For Collectif, every property is a unique and individual project. Thanks to our experience in residential real estate in Prague and abroad, we know what proper and meticulous property management and care entail. The Collectif guarantee, assures that your property remains in a crisp shape throughout our cooperation. Weekly cleaning by Collectif is a standard, thus we make sure that your property is well kept and we immediately carry out maintenance if needed. What’s more? You receive a monthly report from Collectif outlining maintenance works and a condition report.


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