Collectif x Ambiente

Food and living?


When we say that we connect quality housing and urban life, we mean it seriously! The Ambiente Restaurants group has been a sign of authenticity and quality for a long time in Prague. We personally know that you will never go wrong at Ambiente, whether you stop by their cafe, restaurant or their Pubs for a draft lager.


What do Collectif tenants get?


You will receive an Ambiente Loyalty Card of the "Culinary Club" level from us and for every CZK 1,000 you spend, you will get a CZK 100 bonus, which you can spend in any Ambiente establishment. In addition, you can look forward to culinary invitations from Ambiente chefs and sommeliers.


At Collectif, we believe that quality living and diverse urban life is important, so we do things that make sense for our community!


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