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We aim to provide modern & affordable living

Our goal is to transform the current rigid, impersonal and costly model of living in cities. We are convinced the new model should not consume the majority of your income, but can still be comfortable, stylish and based on a likeminded community of individuals not profit seeking real estate agencies. Every client of Collectif has their private room and access to beautiful shared kitchen and a spacious living room. During your apartment search you must battle through a jungle of multiple landlords, multiple real estate agencies each offering different rules, contract terms and hidden fees. You only lose time, money and have very uncertain prospect quality living. With us, this is history! Simply pack your suitcases, we meet, agree on basic terms and you are ready to move in!


Co-Living saves you money and time

High rents in Prague for most, means reduction in comfort, compromise in location choice and large dent in your budget. At Collectif we collapse these obstacles. We provide only such accomodation we perosnally love ourselves. With rich experience of San Francisco, New York, London and Munich, we have creaed the ideal living formula for you, combining comfort, great rents and central locations. First we cut out all fees, commissions an non-transparent demands in rental contracts making your hair turn grey. Instead we simplified the process dramatically making your way to a new home cheper and care-free. Real-estate agencies, landlords and search engines hold on to their fees to the last minute, loving lengthy procedures. At Collectif we pave our way, convinced that finding a new home shoud be as fast and simple as doing your online deliveries.


We create an intriguing community

Have you ever experienced the hassle with finding roommates not getting along well them ? The core principal of our model is forming a community. We believe our community should comprise of teachers, engineers, students or doctors to erase montonuty and repalce it with diversity. With Collectif you get the best of both worlds; A comlete discreetness of your private room an an open invitation to meet and greet your roommates in our spacious shared spaces.

How it works?

The stress-free way to a new home!

1. Choose your room
Pick one of our homes, fill out our questionaire and we gat back to you very soon.
2. Personal meeting
We personally meet, chat and eventually you get to reserve a room.
3. You get an offer
We carry our all necessary admin and present you an offer.
4. Welcome!
We exchange keys and you are set to move-in!

We set a high standard

Should you be new to Prague or new to rental living, with us, expect only the best. Our business is founded on thorough experience with rental living in major global metropoles. Our honest and clear rental agreements, punctual property management and highly transparent rent breakdown forms our founding values.

Attractive quarters

Affordability, comfort and design attractive locations, sound like a contradiction. Collectif goes against the current! Our homes are situated in carefully selected Prague quarters offering residential feels, vicinity to the city centre and simply desired locations by all.
More affordable living in beautiful quarters? Yes it is possible with us!


Majority of Collectif rental agreements are set to 12 months or less. Collectif can therefore become your temporary yet beautiful home. Flexibility goes hand in hand with our model of living. We offer fully furnished private rooms with beautiful shared spaces and vetted and friendly roommates. We say not to long administrative processes, no to hidden fees, no to inflexible rental agreements. This is the heart of Collectif: modern, flexible and simple way to your new home!

Fair rental agreements
Multiple landlords, multiple localities and real-estate agents and mainly multiple unfair rental agreements. This is the status quo of rental living. With Collectif you experience the direct opposite. No lengthy administrative processes. You pay your rent in an all inclusive flat rate without any fees and hidden markups. Flexible and simple!
Bills and fees

Putting your name on the bills is thing of the past. At Collectif, we take care of all the bills and admin. We simply split the costs each month. No admin for you to worry about! Your rent is therefore one all inclusive amount with no hidden fees or commissions. Flexible and simple, as it should be!

Personal facility management

Disagreements with landlords about repairs and maintenance, bills and costs is a thing of the past at Collectif. If something goes wrong in your apartment, simply call our technical team anytime and they put things in order. Just live and we take care of everyday maintenance of rental living.

Do you have a question?

Frequently asked questions

What is the application process like?
Very simple! First, you fill-in our online application, followed by a personal meeting where you agree on a room reservation. In the meanwhile, we do all the necessary admin. Finally, we exchange keys and you can move to your new home.
Can I have friends visit?
Of course, visits are welcome. We only ask you how long you plan to have your friends over. Also we seek approval of your co-tenants to avoid conflicts and bad karma.
How do I pay the bills?
It’s simple and transparent! You no more have to register the energy bills on your name. Payments and admin are all on us! We simply split the bills evenly and proportionately to the size of your room and include it in your one all-inclusive rent payment at the end of each month. You only pay one all-inclusive amount, already including the rent, bills, the house fee, with no surprises and excessive payments as is standard in classic renter scenarios.
Do I pay a deposit?
As a standard we take one month rent security deposit. If you decide to live with your beloved pets, we will ask for a 2 months deposit.
What is the bathroom situation?
Most of our rooms are coupled with en-suite bathrooms. If you have a room without a private bathroom, we guarantee that you will share it only with one person.
Can I live with my partner?
Of course! Rooms for two people are larger with assured en-suite bathrooms.
What will my flatmates be like?
All future members of our community are interviewed and to understand if they wish to build out our community. We look to the criminal past, referrals from previous landlords and conduct an interview. Our founding principal is; easy living and comfort for us all. Should you, however, be unhappy about your flat and your flatmates we guarantee to relocate you to a different flat where you will be happier.
What’s it like with cleaning?
Our cleaning staff comes weekly. They clean all shared spaces; the kitchen, empty the bin, polish the floor, make the dust disappear, and completely clean all shared bathrooms. For a fee of 500 kč we will arrange cleaning of your private room including change of bed linens.
Can I share a flat with my friends?
Of course! Bring your friends over, fill one application form, including all your friends and we will find you a convenient flat.
Can I bring my pet?
Yes, we do offer rooms for pet owners. For the comfort of other flatmates, we try to match pet-owners. Upon your move in we request a two-month security deposit instead of the standard 1-month deposit.
What if I want to terminate my lease agreement earlier?
We always consider case-by-case. Generally, we take your security deposit should you suddenly decide to leave without notice.
What fees do I pay?
We love simplicity and efficiency, that’s why before moving in you only pay the first and last membership fee amounting to 1800 kč. This covers all necessary that we need to secure your move-in seamlessly. After that no fees, nobody likes fees, right?
What is included in my rent?
Expect a fully furnished flat, ready to move in. The rent covers, all bills, weekly cleaning, monthly rent, the flat equipment and appliances, lightning-fast internet connection. Simply, you don’t have to spend a single cent more to live comfortably, no unexpected costs or expenses to cover maintenance of your flat. This is living of the past.
Do you accept smokers?
All out homes are non-smoking. For the comfort of everybody it is strictly forbitten to smoke anywhere at Collectif premises. Please respect this community rule, otherwise we will have to terminate your rental contract, which we don’t want to of course.
How can I reserve my room?
Simply fill out our contact form below and we get back to you with additional info and next steps.
What is the on-boarding check like at Collectif?
During the on-boarding process we look at the criminal record, at previous landlord references and lastly we carry out a short interview to introduce ourselves and find out if we make a fit for the future.
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